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We – Patrick Myles and Tom Dean – have joined forces to create a corporate proofreading company: Clean Copy.

Between us we have over 20 years’ experience reading corporate copy, from Annual to Sustainability Reports and everything in between, for some of the biggest companies in the world, including most of the FTSE 100.


Instead of continuing to work as individual freelancers, we are pooling our experience and resources to work as a team, while training new readers specifically in the art of corporate reading. All to ensure the design agencies we work with can be confident that their proofing work is turned around on schedule and to a high level of quality.


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We deliver full, detailed proofreads in line with client style sheets. Our checks include:

  • Spelling, punctuation & grammar

  • Consistency of design

  • Page references & contents page

  • Charts

  • Folios

  • Tabs

Copy-editing & copywriting

We're experienced in working on corporate copy at an early stage of the process, helping clients to clarify and hone their tone of voice.

Process and style sheets review

Our years working inside top design agencies mean we've seen a variety of processes, so we like to think we know what works. Fixing issues in your proofreading process and creating easy-to-follow style sheets saves errors down the line. We're happy to come and review your process, suggesting how you can save time, money and hassle.

How we work and why you need us


We understand the industry so we don't get upset when delivery dates and deadlines change. We can even work evenings and weekends to accommodate tight deadlines.


We don't split reads between more than one proofreader, to ensure you get the most consistent read possible. 


We're equally at home using Adobe Acrobat tools, tracked changes on Microsoft Word, or working the old-fashioned way – handwritten mark-ups using proofreading symbols.

Pila de libros

our clients say


Consultando las noticias online

"It’s always a pleasure to work with Tom. The annual report projects we work on are often time-critical, complicated and very precise and Tom handles them so brilliantly and makes it look easy! He’s also very flexible and accommodating to shifting deadlines and particular client requests. Most recently we worked together on a complex US report, and Tom’s proofreading was impeccable and client was very impressed."

- Mona Lellsaar, Project Director

Trabajando desde casa

"Professional, thorough and dedicated is Tom and Patrick in a nutshell. Clients comment on the level of detail marked up and are always impressed by the points they challenge. They're always able to provide sound rationale for their queries. I know my projects are in good hands when either Tom or Patrick are proofreading them."

- Priya Dookna, Senior Project Manager

Trabajando juntos

"I’ve worked with Tom on a number of projects over the last couple of years and his work is always of a high standard. Tom is very thorough and has worked to tight deadlines on a number of occasions. I highly recommend."  

- Abi Poole, Account Manager

Revisión de informes en el escritorio

"I have worked with both Patrick and Tom for several years and  I have found them to be not only experts at their craft but reliable and trustworthy. They are always happy to help at the drop of a hat and have got me out of hot water several times. I am looking forward to their new partnership and working with them in the future."

- Vaughn Winn, Production Director


Whether you're a client requesting proofreading services, or a proofreader interested in joining our pool, please drop us a note:

Thanks for submitting!

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